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Salt Aged Chicken, Native Lobster Salad, Hand Cut Pasta, Sweetcorn & Lobster Bisque

I've always been a fan of pairing fish & shellfish with meats, I think it opens up great opportunities to add a depth to a fish dish and can be fantastic and welcomed if balanced off well.

Be it a line caught sea bass, carefully roasted and served with a oxtail tortellini and a horseradish e'spuma or in this case a roast breast of salt aged chicken paired with native lobster.

The chicken breast is cooked gently sous vide with thyme & butter then finished in quite a hot plan on the skin to get quick caramelisation and a crisp texture, a knob of butter so it foams and cools the pan then flipped over and basted for a second before drained and carved then seasoned with a sprinkling of molden salt gently crushed between your fingers.

For me though, the cleverness of the dish is how we balance out the fat content in the chicken breast and the lobster bisque to be poured at the table later.

Gently poached lobster, then chilled and diced, is mixed with sweetcorn, spring onions, coriander, mint and fresh lime. This gives it a fantastic fresh zing which livens up everything else going on and as mentioned, gives us that all important acidity balance to clean the dish up.


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