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Hello Pumpkin!

I've featured this dish on my menus all winter and it has proved popular and I have to admit I really enjoy seeing this one leave the kitchen.

Its a great winter warmer, aesthetically pleasing and also allows the service team to add some theatre to sooner.

The dish starts with a piece of pumpkin which is dressed in , sage, coriander seeds, fennel seeds and a sprinkling of salt before being baked then blow torched to slightly char then cooled. This goes on the bottom of the bowl.

Next ricotta is seasoned and hung then spooned onto the .pumpkin.

After I make a pear purée which is cooled then mixed with diced fresh pear and spooned next to the ricotta.

the dish is then sprinkled with pomegranate seeds and toasted pine nuts then drizzled with cask aged balsamic vinegar and wild garlic oil.

Next comes sage crisps and slices of Wiltshire truffles before it heads out to the table.

Finally, a very rich and velvety pumpkin velouté finished with grated parmesan and truffle oil is poured at the table.

What could be a more warming, fitting way to start off a dinner with the winter weather.


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