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"Delicious and Impressive: Local Venison, Chestnut & Pommes Puree - A Hit Main Course for In-Home Dining Events!"

This is by far our most popular main and a real favourite dish of mine to cook. Personally we can't eat enough venison in my opinion. Their numbers need controlling, its very lean and has a great depth of flavour.

I personally prefer smaller saddles as I find the flavour cleaner and less "gamey" and the texture prefers blue over older, larger beasts.

This dish goes on a journey each year, along with the lamb, another very popular main course. However the version I've been cooking over the autumn and into the winter have been by far my favourite variations of the dish.

The loin is taken off the saddle and trimmed, cooked sous and finished in foaming butter before being carved.

The trimmings are marinaded then braised and pulled, the cooking liquors reduced and finished with gin and juniper to make the jus.

Olive oil pommes puree is served with the meats and jus along with braised heritage carrot, salt baked celeriac and roast celeriac puree. Finally a piece of buttered tenderstem broccolis adds them vital greens along with a generous shaving of chestnuts.

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