Made in England with natural Cornish Sea Salt

The Exmoor Caviar farm is situated at the foothills of the Exmoor National Park where 40 million litres of fresh Devonshire water, naturally filtered through slate, shale and sandstone, pass through the farm every day. The sturgeon fish are allowed to grow at the pace that nature intended in this fresh cool mineral water. The clean and natural delicate flavours of the caviar are enhanced by locally harvested Cornish Sea Salt.

Exmoor Caviar can now be seen on the menus of no less than 80 Michelin Stars in the UK.

With sustainability and quality as its core values, Exmoor Caviar also supplies sturgeon meat, both fresh and smoked alongside their caviar offering, ensuring that no part of the precious fish is wasted.


The team at Exmoor Caviar have also jointly developed a globally patented caviar oil extracted during the production process for use in nutritional, nutraceutical and cosmeceutical applications. Exmoor Caviar is therefore a luxurious British delicacy that is not only rare and exquisite, but also natural and sustainable.


30g tin comes with 20 blinis, an additional 10 blinis are added each time the tin size increases, so a 40g tin comes with 30 blinis and so on.


orders placed by 9am on Monday are dispatched the following Wednesday in chilled sleaves with next day delivery included in the price.


Please note there is only a 1 day per week delivery for this product

Exmoor Caviar with Caraway Blinis

  • this product contains the following allergenic ingredients


    fish - gluten - egg