• Simon Mckenzie

The Coach, Marlow

A last minute thought last night saw me dining at the Coach in Marlow.

Of course the beauty of the Coach is the they don't operate a booking system so you always have a chance to get a table in the ever popular high street based restaurant.

Now the Coach ticks a lot of boxes for me in terms of dining out as their menu features small plates.

I love small plates as it facilitates sharing and so you get to taste so many dishes - it's great.

So what did I get to eat?

I went for one of my favourite sites the Coach does, crispy pigs head with celeriac remoulade.

This has great deep meet flavours which are perfectly accompanied by the fresh earthiness of the celeriac remoulade and then all perfectly cut by the acidity of the chutney.

A new dish, Seabass scotch egg with boulliabase was a delight. The egg was crisp as you would expect even though it was sat in the sauce. The hen's egg inside cooked perfectly and its rich yolk oozed into the bouillabaisse which enriched it further.

Ham terrine was lovely, the pickled cucumber doing its job perfectly adding not only acidity but a mush needed crunch to the dish. The mustard butter was great on the toasted sour dough.

Sea-bream on leeks with wild mushrooms was fantastic and one of my favourites of the evening. the earthiness of the mushrooms working beautifully with the freshness of the leeks and the breams beautifully crisp skin, adding the texture to the dish.

The Duck egg custard tart was delicate as you would expect and cooked perfectly.

All washed down with a fantastically fruity German Riesling.

Service was on point as always, attentive without being intrusive. I was originally seated in a booth but as soon as I saw a gap I asked to be moved to the bar where you can have a clear view of all the kitchen action.

I do love the interaction with the chefs and they are confident enough whilst serving the dishes they've prepared to also attentive enough to enquire if you require drinks etc. I know this is very much on trend right now but I do hope it's here to stay.

All in all another great evening spent at the Coach and I would recommend anyone to get themselves in there either for a bite at lunch, which I have done myself many times, or for a relaxed dinner.


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