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Tailor Made Events - Absolutely.....

the brief - cinema themed canapés, the result.....

Cinema themed is not the easiest theme. If you think about it cinemas food offering is limited to say the least. There is obviously the usual confectionary offerings which would have been fun - however wouldn't 't have suited this particular event.

I decided on mini"hot dogs" in homemade, glazed, brioche buns, a tomato gel instead of ketchup and a pickled sliced of green chilli. The "dog" was a smoked gammon puree and chicken mousse boudin.

Mini nacho's - I made floured tortillas then cut and brushed with olive oil, sprinkled with molten salt and caraway seeds and baked. Topped them with homemade guacamole and a sprig of coriander cress. I also made a raclette e'spuma as a dip for the nacho's.

Popcorn style salmon with harissa mayonnaise was an absolute winner - even though it was experimental at the time.....

I made the popcorn and blitzed it with smoked paprika and it smelt and tasted amazing. however when I "panned' the salmon it suddenly occurred to me it was a very dark red colour.

Worried that I had over done it with the paprika I quickly did a tester. Worrying times as it was a couple of hours ahead of the event and no more salmon to remake them should it be inedible.

No need to panic - it was a triumph and I had that wave of relief that again the gods had smiled and I had pulled it off.

I do get this feeling of euphoria at these times and it is a mixture of feeling lucky (I wish this happened when I buy a lottery ticket - sadly it doesn't) and a feeling of confidence in my ability. Which ever way to is it works for me and I'm thankful for it.

The outcome - huge success and feedback has been fantastic and so the journey now truly begins. I am so looking forward to our forthcoming pop-ups - Drifters in particular as that is going to be really intermit and I think a real "members club" feel, and I do hope, if a success - which I'm sure it will be - the start of a very regular event.

note: tickets for all my forthcoming events including my pop-up tasting menu at Drifters coffee house are available by clicking on the "pop-ups" page above on my website.

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