• Simon Mckenzie

Little Things That Make Me Smile.....

Opening the business has been a journey with a few hiccups, some learning curves and a touch of anxiety all of which are all still there in one form or another on a daily basis.

Luckily I have some really close friends who are always on hand to advise and calm as needed and I am forever grateful for that.

It seems, however, its all hard work and my hand is forever in my pocket. Most of which is spent on things which have are important to the brand but from a (kid) chef's point of view nothing to "play" with.

However, now and again a courier will turn up with an order placed a while ago since forgotten through all the mundane work going on and its like Christmas.

I take the parcel to the kitchen and carefully cut away the tape sealing the box together - always careful to try not to see which supplier has sent the delivery.

Then the excitement grabs me at full force and its kind of a "its just what I always wanted moment".

To everyone else it's pathetic and I truly believe anyone reading this will think, "seriously, get over it", however to me its happy days.

Today was one of them moments when a parcel arrived whilst I was out.

It was placed on my desk awaiting my return. I went through the motions and carefully opened the package to find in it 4 beautifully embroiled aprons.

Nothing else to say on the matter other than I am still smiling and all through the day from time to time I've gone and had another peak at them.

Like I said in the title, it's something that makes me smile and everyone else wonder what's wrong with me - simply, it's a chef's life.

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