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Up to now I've been hiring vans for events or even worse using my car which always makes me uncomfortable as it's not the look I want for the business. (Plus those who know me well will know how uncomfortable this will make me as I love my car and putting equipment and food in it is nails down a black board to me.)

So finally I am at a stage where I've gone and got myself a van - of course a shiny blue one - being the brand and also as a side note, something that got me thinking, when my very good friend Nick helped me with the branding whether this was a coincidence or he knew?? Something to pop on the list of questions to ask him one day.

Yesterday was finally the big day and the van was ready for collection. I went for a Citron as a buddy of mine has one for his business and, helping him out at an event recently I was impressed at how much we squeezed in there.

After collection yesterday it was an early start this morning and off to Henley Signpeople.

Ian has done an amazing job of putting the designs on the van and it looks fantastic.

For me, it was one of them moments where I get the feeling things are starting to come together and again, I'm moving forward.

All through my career and no different now I have always been focussed on attention to detail and quality.

I have always wanted to do things "properly" and now-so more than ever this is the case.

I don't want to be arriving at events in my car or a hire van, to me it's unprofessional and not what I want for my brand.

I want to be looking smart and slick at all times and this is an important part of the brand and image all be it a large investment.

So look out for me driving around, give me a flash if you see me - headlights only folks please - or a toot. Better still, drop me a line or an email and get your Christmas office party or canape party booked up or even a dinner party or snacks at home before I get too booked up.

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