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British Game Event Review...

It seem that every time I pick up a local publication or my phone buzzes there yours truly is in print again.

Don't get me wrong, this is not a moan or a burden I feel I have to carry, quite simply put I love the attention.


I remember some years ago now being shot down in a rather heated meeting by the GM of a hotel I was head chef at.

As the temperature gathered momentum I interjected trying to say that there was a lack of support from the service team.

However, I had hardly blurted out the first few words before the very reddish coloured turnip shaped head spat out in a highly raised voice, "its not all bout you, you know". Well Mr C. how wrong you have been proved.

Joking aside, it is nice to see the local media getting behind me and supporting me in my little venture.

It isn't easy setting up on my own and pouring hard earned savings into my dream and ambition and so everything local media does to help and support me is greatly appreciated.

I was lucky enough to have Peter Moody at my event on Saturday night - a British Game Dinner - and was thrilled to see he had taken the time to write about his experiences and share them with the loyal readers of the Henley Herald who had taken the time to publish them.

Please, if you have a few moments whilst sipping your coffee or on the daily commute please take the time to read about the great fun we had on Saturday evening and if you do like the sound of it, pop across to my website and maybe book tickets to my pop up dinner at Drifters Coffee House on Duke street this Saturday or perhaps to my Italian themed dinner and demo on the 28th October where I'm joined by Italian shoe boutique, Cecilia Quinn.

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