• Simon Mckenzie

A New Feather In My Cap

Yesterday I attended the annual Henley Show.

Now this is really NOT my comfort zone.

Surprising perhaps, because if you had popped a couple of pans in front of me to rustle a dish, and a mic on me, I’d still be in the field.

8.30am and I was all set with my flyers and pop-up banners waiting for the crowds to descend, and descend they did in their droves.

After a while, my confidence grew and - by the end of the show - I was some 240 flyers and a stack of business cards down.

Quite a few ears were talked off, and I apologise if you were one of the people who chose to push food products to me and had the whole acidity lecture.

So my reflection: although still not quite my natural comfort zone, I am keen to do more of these and get our there talking food and events to you guys. I really enjoy the interaction and sharing.

I especially want to get out and drive the in-home dining message home more, as so many people were interested in this arm of what I’m doing.

Click to the in-home dining page on my website. The menus are samples but I’m more than happy to bend to your requirements and budget.

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